LemonWire Version 7.8.0 Free

P2P file sharing for downloading movies, songs, books and programs

LemonWire is a Peer to Peer (P2P) software program that enables users to tap into the pool of knowledge (sounds mystic, huh?) consisting of all of the software program's users' files. This way, users can share files, search for files other users may have and download them. It's one of the easiest ways to gain files you're looking for and even to find rare files you can't seem to find anywhere.
It's easy enough to use so even novice users will find it intuitive to use and its interface appealing and simple. The interface includes icons which make it perfectly easy to navigate between tasks.
Based on a database consisting of millions' of users' files you'll easily find games, movies, music, software programs or any other file you're interested. This means you'll be able to start downloading them in an instant.
Download process is quite swift, and the program features a built in media player for users' comfort.
All in all it offers a decent user experience and advanced options and features for expert users.
Users come first